Process Automation

These platforms are designed to mimic human actions, interacting with software applications and systems just like a human user, which is often referred to as "robotic" or "bot" behavior.

RPA use cases to guide your business

At ZettaMine, we help our customer streamline their workflows and processes to achieve operational excellence by leveraging the power of RPA to execute a vast variety of repetitive & high-volume tasks that are largely rule-based and event-driven.

Document processing

Improve the accuracy and speed of reading various data formats and entering data into databases using optical character recognition (OCR) technology

Front-office support

Speed up the response time and deliver a superior customer experience by equipping your call center or service desk team with a digital helper

Paperless reporting

Generate reports and send them to all parties who need them using software bots that pull together required data from different systems on a scheduled basis

Regulatory compliance

Facilitate compliance with security regulations by keeping comprehensive bot action logs for a greater degree of control over your operations

Platforms and Technologies Used

Let’s discuss the requirements of your organization

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